Please contact a member of the Board regarding any of the above items before implementing changes that may affect your status.

Living Here

Deer Run Homeowners Association

Deer Run Homeowners Association

Here are a few things to know about living in Deer Run:

Monthly homeowner’s dues are $160/month.  The dues are to be paid to the Association's accounting management company by the 1st of each month.  There are several methods of payments: check made out to Deer Run Homeowners Association, prepayment, or automatic withdrawal from your account.  You should discuss with the Account Manager (Mr. Mike Schorer) your preferred method.  Payments received after the 10th of the month will be considered late.  A 10% ($16) late fee will be incurred for late payments.  The dues cover items such as grounds maintenance including sprinkler water, snow removal, garbage removal and limited exterior structure maintenance (primarily painting of house trim and garage doors).

In addition to the HOA’s responsibilities, The Association’s “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements” and the Association “Bylaws” with their amendments, covers many other subjects.  Here are just a few:

  • Exterior structural changes
  • Landscaping changes
  • Roof structures such as antennas
  • Fencing, walls and dog runs
  • Exterior storage on patios and on grounds
  • Commercial vehicles, motor homes, boats and trailers
  • Pet waste and leash rules​​

The Association has contracted with Bestway Disposal for garbage pickup.  The pickup day is Friday of each week.  The only holidays observed by Bestway Disposal are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  On holiday weeks, pickup will be moved to Saturday.  Each homeowner is provided a 96-gallon container and can add up to 2 lawn bags each week.  Containers should be kept in homeowner’s garage and should be brought in after each pickup.  New homeowners are allowed unlimited pickup for a period of four weeks after moving in.

Bestway offers a recycling program that we encourage homeowners to participate in.  The cost is a little more than $60/year.   A separate recycling container is provided and pickup is also on Friday.  Contact the Account Manager to sign up and arrange payment.

The association currently has a contract with Green Thumb for grounds maintenance.  The grounds are mowed and maintained each week (currently on Friday).  Other maintenance such as fertilization, weed control, grass aeration, and shrub trimming is also performed periodically.  Homeowners are individually responsible for any tree trimming or removal. Please direct any questions or complaints regarding the maintenance of your grounds to the Maintenance board member.

The Association Board of Directors reviews painting the exterior trim on homes each year.  The Board makes decisions each year as to which homes will be painted.  Homes are currently painted on a 6 year schedule.

The Board updates a homeowner roster twice a year with names, addresses and phone numbers.  Your name will be added to the list, unless you would prefer to be excluded.  This information, along with email address and other contact information you choose to supply will also be held privately by the Board secretary.

The Association has an annual meeting in November.  Notice of the meeting is mailed to each homeowner. Other activities may include a spring breakfast and summer picnic.

Homeowners also have a required membership in Norwood Recreation District #1. The yearly assessment is $360 for 2018. A major amenity of this membership is the private park at 4830 Buckaroo Drive, which contains a 
swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball court, horseshoe pits and picnic grounds.  New homeowners should contact the District's management company (Colorado Association Services, 719-473-5000) for further information and to register as members. Additional information at